A “Perfect” Beginning

I have felt a sense of anticipation recently.  It’s kind of like when I first started seeds from scratch.  I had read countless You Grow Girl blog entries, stood overwhelmed staring at bags of seed starting mix, and deliberated for hours over little packets at the garden center.  I may have gotten a bit carried away. The corner of our bedroom became a makeshift greenhouse, artificial sunlight and all (my husband Peder is a kind man). Every night before bed, I crouched down to examine the surface of each soil-filled pot, fussing over my babies like a mother hen.  When the first little green arm finally appeared, I felt a rush of excitement and congratulated my new friend, exclaiming “You germinated!”  


Now, another new beginning is here.   I have read, researched, thought quite a bit, and fussed.  I could wait for the stars to align…for a perfect moment of inspiration. But for me, things that are “perfect,” those which fit neatly into a little box, do not encompass much soul or creativity.

 I am blogging because cooking has become an outlet, a canvas on which to splash the fancies of my five senses.  But most of all, my food has become a friend, someone to have a conversation with even when I’m alone.  

At last, the beginning has arrived.  Finally, this seed that I have been guarding is ready to face the outside world. This little corner of the web will soon be filled with the colors and ideas. It will be up to you, reader, to create the smells and tastes and experiences.  Let’s play, create and interact.  Let’s cozy up and chat.  Let’s get to know the many personalities of our food, and then…let’s leave this neatly crafted  box and see what we can really create when we take a risk;  when we leave “perfect” behind and just go for it…

So get in the kitchen and spoon with me!



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15 responses to “A “Perfect” Beginning

  1. Doris Bales

    You have inspired me again….gotta try the breads. That is my favorate thing to do. Love the photography…wants me to grab those yummy foods, and know they are as good as they look. Congrats…great site.

  2. dorisbales

    Hi Jen,
    A first cousin to your Dad, and what a joy to see such wonderful photography, and share my special love for cooking….Must try the artichokes…and anything lemon is my thing! I will look forward to many more wonderful photos, and ideas in the kitchen. Hugs, and best wishes for a future in this wonderful special blog…Hugs, Doris Guest..Bales

  3. Jenny! This is fabulous. How nice to read about the “good for you” foods and get the same froth-mouthed response I get in the sticky dessert section. Thanks for inspiring me about vegetables again! Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  4. Mary Pascoe

    Jenny: your blog is wonderful and the recipes tasty. I would like to try every one. The pictures are very good and, incidentally, so is your writing.

    p.s. I’m a distant, in-law relative. My husband, Lu is your grandma Maxine’s brother. So, what does that make me? I have no idea!

  5. Sally Morgenthaler

    Thanks for giving me permission to eat the food of the gods stretchy pants…


  6. Tom

    Congratulations! You are a real blogger. I love the content and the photo’s are fantastic. I look forward to exciting receipes and inspirational pictures of more spoonfuls of your love.


  7. Tom

    I love it! You are so creative and have found another love. The photographs are beautiful. We all look forward to your blogging future and tasteful receipes!

  8. Izzy Stafford

    Oh! I can just picture you coaxing your green chitlins into the world. You are absolutely lovely!
    And, my dear, your words are a delicacy. I’m hooked already. Much love!

  9. Jenny, I’m considering myself invited to your tantalizing invitation. 🙂 Great start! Love the writing and photos. Can’t wait for your next post.

  10. Great start, Jenny!! I’m considering myself invited, and am inspired already by your story and photos. (And, wow, did that French toast look amazing!)

  11. joseph myers

    Wow…well done Jenny! I hope to learn about healthy cooking I can try from you! Having the pleasure of tasting your creations, I know every recipe will be a masterpiece….

    • Thanks! I can’t promise you that ALL my recipes will be healthy (I do have an addiction to butter that I just can’t shake.) I’ll try my best to give you some vegan treats every once in a while!

  12. Sally Morgenthaler

    What a great beginning. From a tiny seed!:) But if you believe the whole is in the parts, then this is going to be phenomenal. Like you.

    The photos are stunning.

    Hugs, hurrays, and now, where’s my spoon??


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